Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra video review: the ultimate Samsung smartphone

Do you want a smartphone that offers the best of the best in every area? The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a device to consider. It is the most expensive of the new S21 trio, but also offers the most comprehensive features and best hardware. Android Planeteditor Wouter tells all about it in our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra video review.

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Watch the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra video review

A device with a price from 1249 euros, which goes up to 1429 euros for the best configuration. We are of course talking about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was unveiled along with the normal S21 and S21 Plus in January this year. The Ultra only offers the best of the best in every area, such as the screen, cameras and storage.

We think the S21 Ultra is the ultimate phone from manufacturer Samsung and in our video review we explain why. For example, Samsung is investing heavily in the cameras, which are of very good quality. The same applies to the large AMOLED screen with high resolution and refresh rate. This combination makes it a beauty to look at and use. You can also get started with a separately available stylus from the manufacturer for even more precise control.

This model also contains the most RAM (12 or 16GB) and there is a variant with 512GB of storage for sale. The S21 Ultra is putting its best foot forward in that area.

In the S21 Ultra video review we take you through all aspects of this flagship and let us know for whom the device is a good choice. Interested in our phone reviews, but also tip videos and more? Subscribe to the Android Planet YouTube channel! Are you curious about our experiences with the normal S21, then immediately check the video review of that model.

Of course also read the written review

In addition to this video, would you like to read what we think of the new Ultra model? Check out our written Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review. Finally, you can read a tip of the veil in the conclusion of our review below.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is without a doubt the best and most comprehensive Samsung smartphone to date. There are no really big downsides and the improvements that have been made are smart. The cameras, which the Ultra mainly focuses on, are a lot better and in all other areas there is hardly anything to criticize on the phone.

You pay a lot for that and the question is therefore whether you are willing to deposit 1249 euros for the Ultra, and whether you really need the best of the best. If a slightly less extensive smartphone is also fine for you, you can also purchase the normal Galaxy S21.

However, if you choose to buy the S21 Ultra, you will get one of the most impressive Android phones at the moment. Samsung shows with the Ultra muscles and with the Ultra puts down a great smartphone, which is probably not often surpassed this year.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is now for sale in the Netherlands and has a starting price of 1249 euros. You can opt for a separate Galaxy S21 Ultra, but an S21 Ultra with subscription is also a nice combination. This way you can easily save hundreds of euros on the device price. Check the price comparison below for the best deals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Which Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra do you want?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with subscription

Device once € 0.00

€ 73.00 p / m Abo: € 33.00 p / m Device: € 40.00 p / m

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