Samsung is also working on smart AR glasses: Glasses Lite

Samsung may be working on AR glasses, according to a leaked video. Through the glasses you see a combination of the real and the digital world. It is not clear whether this ‘Glasses Lite’ will actually be on the market.

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‘Samsung is working on AR glasses’

Twitterer Walking Cat, which more often leaks information about unannounced products, posted a video of the ‘Glasses Lite’. That would be the AR glasses that Samsung is currently working on. It is not clear what stage of development the device is in. It can be an internal concept video or a product that Samsung only wants to market in years (or not at all).

In the video we see a large frame with transparent screens, which are suitable for augmented reality. That means that you can look at the real and the digital world at the same time.

The possibilities are endless in theory. We see the man in the video working behind a desktop floating before his eyes. Samsung calls this feature ‘Dex Display’. It is already possible to use phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 as a PC by connecting them to a monitor.

You can also watch a movie or play games with the glasses. Because the screens are so close to your eyes, the image appears very large. You will probably have to connect the Glasses Lite to a smartphone, which provides the necessary computing power. The AR glasses from Samsung can also be operated with a Galaxy Watch. In addition, the device can be used as sunglasses. The screens then get a dark tint.

Apple is also working on smart glasses

Samsung is not the first company to work on AR glasses. Google already tried it years ago with the Google Glass, but that was not an overwhelming success. Microsoft, Facebook and Apple are currently also working on such smart glasses. Rumors have even been going on for years about Apple Glass. The Cupertino company might want to release its version at the end of this year.

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