Samsung is rolling out Android 11 update soon and who would have expected that?

Samsung is rolling out the Android 11 update to its smartphones and tablets faster than many expected. Also Android Planeteditor Rens is positively surprised about Samsung, which is now leaving the competition behind.

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Samsung makes a good impression with Android 11 update

Google released Android 11 in September last year, after which manufacturers could roll out the software update to existing smartphones and tablets. We can now say that Samsung is making good progress. In December, expensive devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 received Android 11, followed by the S20 series, Note 10 and S10 phones and Galaxy Z Flip. The Fold and Fold 2 were then updated, which is quite special because the software has to be adapted more for the foldable screens.

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Cheaper models such as the Galaxy A51, Galaxy M30s, M31s and M21 also recently received Android 11. The latter was on the list for March, but received the update at the end of January. Midrange devices such as the Galaxy A51 5G and A71 5G would receive an update in May, but are already running Android 11. Samsung is therefore months ahead of its own, previously communicated schedule. All kinds of models in various price ranges have now been updated.

How are other brands doing?

I continue to find it special, because I did not expect Samsung to become the leader with the rollout of Android 11. In recent years, Samsung has been hobbling after many competitors. OnePlus, Nokia and Sony, for example. This year it is the other way around: they follow Samsung at an appropriate distance. Sony has updated three smartphones at the time of writing, OnePlus only two.

Oppo and Xiaomi have updated a handful of devices to Android 11. Nokia – the fastest ever with updates – doesn’t get any further than the Nokia 8.3 5G. Huawei doesn’t seem to be able to update smartphones to the latest Android version at all due to trade sanctions.

My opinion from November about the slow rollout of Android 11 updates is unfortunately still valid. So I want to say that Samsung is now doing remarkably well.


Samsung’s fast update rate doesn’t just strike me. I see enthusiastic reactions from users on social media and read similar stories on foreign media. Droid-Life calls Samsung the ‘king of Android updates’, Sammobile writes that “Samsung is leaving a crushing impression with its update policy” and XDA Developers asks his readers if ‘Samsung is at the forefront of software updates?’.

Not everything is going well

For those who are wondering whether Samsung’s update speed this year is not at the expense of quality: that is not that bad for me. The Android 11 software works properly and without bugs on the vast majority of smartphones. This is partly thanks to the company’s beta program, where enthusiastic users could test a trial version of software to find bugs. These were resolved before the update comes to all devices.

A careful testing phase is crucial, although not all manufacturers understand this. For example, Xiaomi blundered with the Android 11 update for the Mi A3. The software was so badly developed that the smartphone no longer worked and could no longer charge. I have not (yet?) Seen such problems on Samsung smartphones. I must say that the manufacturer will update dozens of smartphones and tablets, especially older models.

In any case, it should be clear that Samsung is doing a good job with its Android 11 update schedule. Android 12 will be released later this year and I am curious whether the manufacturer will do so well again. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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