Samsung resumes Android 11 update for Galaxy S10 phones

Samsung is rolling out an improved Android 11 update for the Galaxy S10 phones, which should fix the problems of the original upgrade. The version is now available for download and installation, so you can get started with all the new features.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 11 update resumed

Samsung has released a new Android 11 update for the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e, website writes GalaxyClub. The company previously halted the Android 11 update due to various problems, which among other things caused the S10 phones to perform less well and to empty faster. Those issues are now – if all goes well – completely resolved.

If you already downloaded the Android 11 update, you will receive a patch of 160MB to fix the bugs. If you had not yet updated your Galaxy S10 to the latest Android version, the software upgrade with 2GB is a lot bigger. It is then smart to download it via a WiFi connection, to prevent you from quickly running out of your data bundle.

You will automatically be notified when the latest update is available to you. It is also possible to manually check for software updates by opening the settings and going to ‘Software update> Download and install’. It may take a while for everyone to see the new version.

Updates for the Galaxy S10

Android 11 is the second major version update for the Galaxy S10. The device will also be updated to Android 12 in the future, because Samsung provides its main smartphones with major software updates for three years. This also means, for example, that the brand new Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra up to and including Android 14 are supported.

Looking for more? Read more about Samsung’s update policy to see if your phone will also be updated longer. In the Android 11 review (and our video below) we tell you everything about the innovations of this Android version.

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