Samsung will bring S Pen support to more devices

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first non-Galaxy Note smartphone to feature S Pen support, but the pin is coming to more devices in the future. This makes Samsung itself known.

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‘S Pen is coming to more devices’

In a statement, Samsung announced that there are plans to bring the ‘S Pen to more product categories in the future’. We know the stylus from the Galaxy Note phones, but it is now also supported by the brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is in line with previous messages, because Samsung already hinted in the past that S Pen support would appear on more devices.

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It is still unclear which devices will soon also be able to handle the S Pen, but we can already make a good estimate. Since the stylus already works with Galaxy Note phones and several Samsung tablets, foldable smartphones seem like a logical next step. We would not be surprised if you can also operate Galaxy Fold devices with the pin.

S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The S Pen is not supplied as standard with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung, on the other hand, is releasing the stylus and with a cover on the market. It is also not the same S Pen as that of the Galaxy Note devices. It is less extensive and has, for example, no bluetooth or support for the Air actions.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s latest and most advanced flagship. At 1249 euros, the device is a lot more expensive than the regular Galaxy S21 (849 euros) and S21 Plus (1049 euros), but it does have the best hardware. The cameras are also better, for example because there are two telephoto lenses. This allows the S21 Ultra to zoom in very far without losing quality.

Knowing more? Check out the preview of the Samsung Galaxy S21 from Android Planet for our initial findings. The new phones will be available in the Netherlands from January 29 and can already be pre-ordered.

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