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Xiaomi has introduced a technology to wirelessly charge smartphones remotely. The range is a few meters and it is not yet clear if and when Mi Air Charge will be available to consumers.

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Xiaomi introduces Mi Air Charge

The manufacturer has dedicated a blog post to the new charging technique. Xiaomi claims that Mi Air Charge can charge multiple devices within a radius of a few meters with a maximum power of 5 Watts. The technology is completely wireless and made to power smartphones, smartwatches and other smart equipment.

For the time being, Mi Air Charge is a demo product. Whether and when the technology will be rolled out more widely is therefore still the question. For example, it is still unclear how consumer watchdogs respond to this technology. According to website XDA Developers For example, it is not clear whether the Mi Air Charge technology has an impact on human health.

That is how it works

Xiaomi claims that Mi Air Charge has a range of “several meters”, but does not mention specific numbers. The manufacturer does write that the technology has two pillars: space determination and energy transfer. Both the wireless charger (the sender of power) and the receiving device are therefore equipped with multiple antennas.

This means that the receiver and sender are aware of each other’s exact position. Subsequently, other antennas are used to send millimeter waves. The receiving device, such as a smartphone, then converts these waves into electrical energy to power the battery.

Xiaomi and charging

The Chinese manufacturer has a long track record when it comes to charging smart devices. For example, last October Xiaomi introduced 80W Mi Wireless Charging, a wireless charging technology with a power of 80 Watts. For the time being, however, all innovations are showcases: the techniques are therefore not in consumer telephones.

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