Spotify Hifi lets you stream music with better sound quality

Good news for Spotify users and audiophiles, because during the annual Stream On event, the music streaming service Spotify announced HiFi. This is a new subscription option with so-called lossless audio in CD quality.

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Stream music with better sound quality thanks to Spotify HiFi

Spotify introduces a HiFi subscription. With this subscription, users can listen to music in ‘CD quality in the lossless audio format’. In short, better sound, which makes details and layers in music stand out better.

To add extra power to the arrival of Spotify Hifi, the company is collaborating with speaker manufacturers. In addition, the service will be available on all devices on which you can listen to Spotify.

The arrival of Spotify HiFi is not entirely surprising. Spotify has been working on a subscription with better sound for years. In 2017, several Reddit users already reported that they were offered a HiFi subscription, at an additional cost of 5 to 10 dollars, on top of the Spotify Premium rate of 11.99 per month.

Competitive streaming services have also found their way to higher sound quality. For example, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz and Amazon Music already offer subscriptions with high resolution audio.

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Little further details about Spotify HiFi were announced at the announcement. For example, it is not yet clear what the subscription price is and when the service will be available. In addition, it is not yet certain whether Spotify HiFi will (directly) come to the Netherlands.

Subscription types of Spotify

In addition to a premium subscription of 9.99 euros per month, Spotify also has a free version. In addition, Spotify Familiy and Spotify Duo exist for family members or roommates. With the family subscription, six roommates can use their own premium account for 14.99 euros per month. For Spotify Duo there is a maximum of two users at a monthly rate of 12.99 euros.

Spotify: Listen to podcasts & find music you love

Spotify: Listen to podcasts & find music you love

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