The 5 best Android apps on the Play Store from week 6 – 2021

New apps are constantly being added to the Play Store. Most, however, are not worth a try. In this weekly overview we therefore collect the best Android apps, updates and games for you.

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The 5 best Android apps of the past week

The Play Store works overtime every week. New apps, updates for existing programs and games are being added all the time. You probably won’t notice this, because most of it is not worth downloading. Android Planet therefore separate the wheat from the chaff every Sunday. These are the best Android apps, updates and games this week.

1. Flitsmeister

The Dutch navigation app Flitsmeister has been working on an Android Auto app for a while and now you can try a test version. This makes it possible to use the app on the dashboard of your car, provided it supports Android Auto of course.

flashmeister android auto

With Fitsmeister you can, among other things, navigate and be warned about speed cameras and section controls on the way. To use the Android Auto version of Flitsmeister, you must first sign up for the beta. You do this by following the steps in the article below.

→ Flitsmeister for Android Auto: this is how you sign up for the beta




2. Reset Earth

The United Nations climate program published Reset Earth last week. This game is all about preserving the ozone layer and tries to teach children (and adults) how important this protective layer is for the earth. During the game, complex themes such as climate change are presented in an understandable way.

In terms of gameplay, Reset Earth is best described as one platformer. So you are busy running, jumping and dodging enemies. During gameplay, you can continuously switch between multiple characters, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

Reset Earth

Reset Earth

UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)

3. Cat Colony Crisis

Cat Colony Crisis is also a game with a current theme. In this game you are busy with getting a virus under control. To make this loaded theme a bit more accessible, you do not do this for a group of people, but as the leader of a real cat colony.

In Cat Colony Crisis, you are at the helm of a spaceship populated by cats. A mysterious virus has crept on board and you must stop it from spreading among the furry residents. You do this by, among other things, isolating infected cats as much as possible.

Cat Colony Crisis

Cat Colony Crisis

Devil’s Cider Games

4. Bodyguard

Bodygaurd describes itself as a social media moderator app. The bottom line is that the bodyguard keeps internet bullying and negative online reactions at bay, and allows compliments to pass by. The app is not new, but has received a major update last week.

best android apps of the week bodyguard

For example, the algorithm, which determines which responses are allowed and which are not, has become a lot smarter. You can link Bodyguard to your profiles on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch, among other things. The app then continuously keeps track of how followers respond to your contributions and protects you.

Bodyguard - social media moderator

Bodyguard – social media moderator

Bodyguard, Inc.

5. Senso no Ken: Thousands Layered Edge

Senso no Ken: Thousands Layered Edge is an action game in which you take on the role of a young female assassin. In this game you pick up the sword to make enemies smaller with the ultimate goal of preventing civil war. Senso no Ken stands out thanks to its retro design and unique gameplay.

You fight by tactically swiping the screen of your smartphone. You also dodge by swiping and to test your responsiveness you sometimes have to tap the screen. Every time you beat someone you get stronger. Enemies also sometimes leave valuable items behind, such as stronger swords and better equipment.

Senso no Ken: Thousands Layered Edge

Senso no Ken: Thousands Layered Edge

13th Studio

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