The best and most surprising Valentine deals of 2021 in a row

This Sunday, February 14, it’s Valentine’s Day again and what could be more fun than surprising your love or crush with a gift? Therefore Android Planet Three nice (digital) Valentine’s deals from 2021 listed for you!

Three nice Valentine deals from 2021

It’s almost love day again, but a day out, dining in a restaurant or a night’s sleep is all a bit more difficult than usual due to corona. So we have listed three cool (digital) ideas for you. This way you surprise your love or crush at home with a gift.

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1. Card or gift via Greetz


Greetz? Can I still order tickets there? That is certainly correct and of course an entire section has been set up for Valentine. Via the website or the app, you can also order dozens of other gifts that are neatly delivered at home.

Think of a nice bunch of fresh flowers or a set of dried flowers that can go straight through the letterbox. You also have a choice of helium balloons, beauty packages or something tasty made of chocolate or a drink. You can also go to Greetz for all kinds of gift vouchers and books. All in all, the gift range is extensive and there is certainly something to surprise your love.

2. Photo products from Albelli


Have a nice photo printed on paper, canvas or plexiglass? That sounds like a nice gift right! It is all possible via Albelli, but of course you can order many more beautiful photo products. So you also have a choice of countless types of photo books in all sizes or number of pages.

Not looking for such a type of gift, but for something smaller? At Albelli you can also go for a mug with a nice photo, photo calendars or a simple card with a print. Prices range from a few euros to higher amounts for a large and extensive photo book or printed snapshots on aluminum, for example. All in all, Albelli has plenty of choice for a perfect and personal Valentine’s gift.

3. (Romantic?) Movie at Pathé Thuis

Pathé Home

Physical going to the cinema is no longer possible, but then you just make it cozy at home? It’s a matter of setting up tasty snacks, adding a drink, cushions on the couch, floor or bed and watching a movie! At Pathé Thuis, the range is virtually endless. From films from decades ago to recent cinema films and everything in between.

You will also find everything you want in terms of genre. Wonderful romcoms for Valentine itself, but also action films, thrillers, children’s films, dramas and more. The great thing about Pathé Thuis is that you do not purchase a monthly subscription. You pay per film, after which you can watch it immediately. This can be done on almost any device. From smartphone to tablet and from laptop to smart television or of course via the Chromecast. Which movie do you choose?

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