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The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra are officially for sale from today. The first deliveries have already started and in this article we list where you can buy the Samsung S21.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S21

The new S21 devices from Samsung are now for sale and the starting price is 849 euros. For that you buy the Samsung S21, or the entry-level model. But make no mistake, because it is a high-end device with good specifications. The screen is 6.2 inches and contains a colorful AMOLED panel.

The resolution has been slightly lowered compared to its predecessor, but that is almost invisible and ensures better battery life, as we wrote in our Samsung Galaxy S21 review. The screen refreshes up to 120 times per second, which ensures a smooth experience and there is a new processor on board. Together with the generous amount of RAM and Android 11, this ensures that you can multitask effortlessly.

You can buy a separate Galaxy S21 from 849 euros for the model with 128GB internal storage. Of course you can also look for a Galaxy S21 with subscription. Often a smart choice, because that way you can save a lot on device costs.

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Best deals Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Are you looking for a much larger smartphone? Then the Samsung S21 Plus might be the right choice. The device shares many of the specs with the normal S21, but it does have a larger 6.7-inch screen on board. Below that screen is a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This will unlock the device even faster.

In addition, the battery is a lot bigger. Charging is done at the same speed as its predecessor, namely 25 Watt. Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging are also possible. With this you can, for example, provide your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with power by placing it on the back.

The Plus model also has three cameras on the back, so you can shoot a great photo in every situation. It is a normal 12-megapixel sensor, a 64-megapixel zoom camera and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens.


A separate Samsung S21 Plus has a starting price of 1049 euros. There is also 5G on board as standard, so that you are ready for the future. Of course it is also possible to combine an S21 Plus with a subscription. You also have a choice of two storage variants and three colors.

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Check out the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Looking for the best of the best? The ultimate choice is of course the Samsung S21 Ultra. That device has the largest screen, combined with a high QHD resolution, so that everything is displayed razor-sharp. The screen also has rounded sides and there is support for the S-Pen from Samsung.

The device has more RAM than the other two models and does not have three, but four cameras on the back. The main sensor has a resolution of 108 megapixels and you can take wide-angle photos from 12 megapixels. In addition, there are two zoom lenses available, with which you can use a maximum of 10 times optical zoom. This way you get objects much closer during photography without compromising on quality.

Finally, the S21 Ultra has the largest battery of the trio: 5000 mAh. As with the other S21 devices, Samsung supplies the device without a charger, to save the environment and save costs. A separate Galaxy S21 Ultra is sold from 1249 euros. You can of course save on those device costs by choosing the Samsung S21 Ultra with subscription. Also check the parties below for the best deals.

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