The smartphone makes us less sharp

With a smartphone in our pocket, we don’t have to prepare for life as much, although a snowstorm can surprise you.

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Less sharp due to your smartphone

For decades it hasn’t been as wintry as last week. What has mainly struck me these days is how prepared people are for these unique circumstances. Of course I do not mean public transport, post deliverers or other services that get stuck, but the average person.

Even before I got out of bed on Sunday morning, neighbors had cleared the entrance to the square where I live. For the rest of the day it seemed as if everyone suddenly had the right clothes and shoes in the house, as if they were walking through the snow every week.

I am mainly amazed at the fact that snow shovels are suddenly appearing everywhere. Did people buy them decades ago when a snowflake once fell? Did they get it for ‘you never know’ so that they can now proudly show how well prepared they are for all circumstances?


The smartphone has meant that we rarely have to prepare for something anymore. I have gone from simple indestructible Nokias to smarter phones to smartphones, and each generation I have to prepare less well for life. You can look up everything anyway if you run into something.

If I had to be somewhere with my Nokia where I had never been, I had to look up that location in advance and I had to remember it well. If I made a mistake, I was lost. Nowadays I never have to think about the route again, because I can always navigate with my smartphone.

It is the most concrete example, but do you actually realize how much we now do with our smartphones? You don’t need to have a flashlight with you, because it is already in your smartphone. You don’t have to bring a camera if you may need to capture something as you always have your smartphone in your pocket.

Snow shovel

We don’t need a calculator, atlas or dictionary. We no longer even have to learn the basics of a language when we go on vacation somewhere. You don’t have to bring notebooks, music players, books, games and so on. Of course it is allowed and often it also helps you, but as long as you carry your smartphone with you, you have all those things within reach.

Is that positive or negative? Above all, I think it’s fantastic and that’s why I like to write about the growing possibilities of our smartphones. It may make us less focused, but it also gives us space in our heads for other things that matter.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t use my smartphone to create a path for my house, but had to use the neighbor’s snow shovel for that. Although you can go a long way with such a large Samsung device.

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