themes on Android 12 get more options

According to directions, Android 12 will get more extensive theme settings. This not only changes the background or icons, but the integration goes a lot further. Apps that offer support, for example, also color along.

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Android 12 themes:

Setting a theme now is standard on many devices from different manufacturers. Otherwise you can often get started with third party apps from the Play Store. According to 9to5Google the search giant is working on an extensive theme function for the upcoming Android 12. You set a primary and secondary color, which are then implemented everywhere – where possible – on your device.

That goes beyond the quick settings or the accent color of the smartphone, according to the website. 9to5Google does say that the color schemes you can choose from differ per manufacturer or even per device. In addition, it does not seem that you can choose certain colors yourself and put together your own theme. Downloading extras themes also does not seem to be possible.

This is what themes on Android 12 can look like

A developer of a particular app can also add support for this in Android 12. For example, an application can also color in the same colors as the chosen theme. All of this ensures a greater unity in the appearance of the software. 9to5Google has also published several mock-ups. In the gallery below, we first see an image of Android 11’s quick settings menu, then two images taken of what it might look like on Android 12.

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