These 5 things stand out in the first Android 12 images

Android Planet dives into Android 12’s first images to pick out all the details and see what it means for Android’s future.

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The first Android 12 images

The first screenshots of Android 12 have surfaced. Whether the screenshots are real is not certain, but the source can be trusted. XDA Developers has viewed a document about the next version of the operating system and is sharing images from that document. A number of things stand out in this.

1. New color: probably a theme

The first thing that strikes you about the screenshots is the color. We have not seen the gray / beige complexion in the mobile operating system before. In terms of accessibility, it seems like a big step backwards, with dark gray letters on a light gray background.

However, these are probably not the standard colors of the new Android. In a previous rumor you could read that Android 12 may get more extensive theme settings. With these themes you not only change the background and icons, but also color the entire system. Includes apps. This gray / beige complexion is probably an example of how the whole system changes with it.

2. Widgets are similar to iOS

The widgets are being overhauled with a new design, giving them a more uniform look. The new design is very reminiscent of the widgets recently introduced in iOS. iOS has borrowed the idea of ​​widgets from Android, so the design goes back and forth between the two operating systems until they are more and more similar.

In addition, the conversation widget is introduced. This widget bundles recent messages, missed calls and activity statuses. In Android 11 conversations are already separated from other notifications, so this widget seems like a logical next step to put more emphasis on contact with others.

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