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Three models in the upcoming Oppo Find X3 series have been leaked. A well-known source claims to have images and specifications of the smartphones. Oppo will reportedly present the Find X3 range in March.

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These are the three Oppo Find X3 models

There have been rumors for some time about the Find X3 series, which will succeed last year’s Find X2 line. The well-known telecom lover Evan Blass – better known as @evleaks on Twitter – has now published marketing images of the Find X3 smartphones.

In the image above you can see the Find X3 Pro – the top model – next to the Neo and Lite. All three smartphones support 5G, have a modern appearance and most likely run on Android 11. It is striking that there is no Oppo Find X3 to be seen. Oppo released a Find X2 last year.

Blass has also distributed real photos of the Find X3 Pro, images that are also intended for marketing purposes. The pictures show that the smartphone appears in various colors and, depending on the color, has a matte or glossy back. Oppo will be promoting the Find X3 Pro with its camera system.

Find X3 Pro gets microscope camera

The device will have four cameras on the back, including a brand new 50 megapixel sensor for the main camera and wide-angle lens. The third camera is a 13 megapixel zoom camera, which Oppo also used on the Find X2 series. New is a 3 megapixel macro lens with a ring of LED lights.

With this camera you can zoom in up to 25 times and use the Find X3 Pro as a microscope. At least, that’s what Blass says based on internal Oppo documentation. In any case, the macro camera seems more advanced than the average, moderate macro lens – best known from budget smartphones.

Find X3 Lite is Reno 5 model

The Find X3 Lite would be less innovative. According to Blass, the device is almost identical in design and specifications to the Oppo Reno 5, which was announced a few weeks ago. That may seem crazy, but it makes sense because the Reno 5 probably won’t be released in Europe. The Find X3 Lite does, but it is the same device.

Less is known about the Find X3 Neo. We may have to see this device as the Find X3 and thus the successor to the Find X2. However, it could also be the successor to the Find X2 Neo, a midrange model.

Oppo would announce the Find X3 series sometime in March. It is not yet clear for which prices the smartphones will appear in the Netherlands. Blass reports that the devices will be in stores in early April.

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