‘These features are likely to come to Android Auto 6.0’

If we can believe a new rumor, Google will release an update for Android Auto this month. It would introduce the necessary improvements.

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‘Android Auto 6.0 is coming’

The website AutoEvolution reports that this month Google is releasing Android Auto 6.0, a major update to the operating system. There are several new features incorporated, including wallpaper support. This allows you to choose and set a wallpaper on the Android Auto home screen. Google supplies the wallpapers and unfortunately you cannot add other backgrounds yourself.

android auto 6.0

In addition, you can soon get started with Google Assistant shortcuts for specific commands. This allows you to perform certain actions by simply tapping an icon on the screen. Think of starting navigation to your home address, calling a specific person or requesting the weather forecast.

The Google Assistant routines, which allow you to perform multiple actions in a row with one command, would also be added to Android Auto. The update also implements a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Android Auto 6.0 release

According to AutoEvolution, Google is rolling out the Android Auto 6.0 update this month, but a specific release date is unclear. Reportedly, a MultiDisplay function will be added to the platform in the future, so that you can use a phone as a second screen of Android Auto.

Last month, Google announced that Android Auto will be officially released in the Netherlands and Belgium, although the service has been available here for a while (via a detour). The operating system for on the go has been built into the software as standard since Android 10. Older phones can download a separate Android Auto app.

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