‘These four new features are coming to Android 12’

The first Android 12 developer trial will be released later this year. With this in mind, insiders are discovering more and more new features. Read here which novelties may be introduced with Android 12.

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Android 12 functions: four rumors in a row

The Android 11 update has not yet been implemented well and the successor is already in the pipeline. With Android 12, Google introduces a number of new functions. After examining XDA Developers and 9to5Google we can tell you more about four of these novelties.

1. Put unused apps to sleep to free up space

XDA Developers has discovered in a piece of code that a ‘space-saving sleep mode’ for apps is coming. According to the code, an app in sleep mode automatically clears the cache files. The amount of storage space that is freed up depends on the app in question. Apps for watching videos online and social media can store hundreds of megabytes of data.

In addition to this sleep mode, Google developers also hint at other potential storage savings. Which those are and whether they will also appear in Android 12 is not yet known.

Android 12 features rumor

2. Share your WiFi password more easily with Near Share

Do you sometimes find it a bit uncomfortable to ask for a WiFi password? Then we have good news, because Google is working on a feature to make connecting to Wi-Fi networks easier.

With ‘Near Share’, a kind of AirDrop-like function, it will be possible in the (near) future to exchange WiFi login data. This makes scanning a physical qr code unnecessary.

3. Better gaming experience due to improved vibration effect

With the rise of mobile and cloud games, Google is aiming for a better vibration effect on Android phones. At the moment, the vibration effect, when connecting a game controller and smartphone, is not yet at the desired level.

With the arrival of Android 12, Google is working on adjusted vibration, so that there is more variation in those effects.

4. New multitasking feature with with app pairing

According to 9to5Google Google is also working on a complete redesign of the split screen system in Android 12. With a new feature called ‘app pairs’ or app pairs, your device groups two system apps together as one task.

So, with the App pairing function, you can launch two apps at the same time on a split screen. Once connected you can easily switch. This allows you to use your phone screen more effectively.

To properly compare the differences between the split screen feature in Android 11 with the updated app pairing, the site has a mock-up made. In that example you can see that the function also contains a dividing line that you can adjust. By tapping this line, you can quickly switch between apps.

First Android 12 version for developers

The first Android 11 developer test version appeared in mid-February last year. Assuming Android 12 has the same schedule, we’re just a few weeks away from initial testing.

However, it will be months before the final version of Android 12 appears. It is therefore also quite possible that the above functions do not appear at all or in an adapted form.

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