These Galaxy S21 features are also coming to older Samsung smartphones

Samsung is also bringing the One UI 3.1 update, which is standard on the new Galaxy S21, to ‘older’ Samsung phones. In this article you can read which new features are being added.

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Samsung One UI 3.1 update: this is all new

From today, Samsung is releasing a major update for many recent and popular devices. The company announces this in a press release. One UI 3.1, the latest version of Samsung’s Android software, is coming to Galaxy S20, Note 20 and various Galaxy A phones, among others. These are the smartphones that receive One UI 3.1:

If you have one of the above devices, you can expect the update from today. However, it is unclear whether One UI 3.1 is immediately available to everyone, or whether you have to wait a while before you can install the latest version. Via the settings, at ‘Software update’> ‘Download & install’ you can check whether One UI 3.1 is available for you. You will also automatically receive a notification when you can download the update.

samsung one ui 3.1

The One UI 3.1 update introduces all kinds of useful new features. For example, you can get started with the improved Single Take function, with which you can capture all kinds of photos and video for 15 seconds, after which you can choose the best one. Also new is the ‘Object eraser’, so that you can erase parts that you don’t like from a photo. Furthermore, the update ensures that you can adjust the autofocus and brightness of images more easily.

The Eye Comfort Shield feature automatically adjusts the blue light of your smartphone screen when it gets darker, so you fall asleep better. Finally, it is possible to delete the metadata of photos, which for example states where you took a snapshot, and you can share files in a secure way with Private Share. You determine how long a file will remain available to the other.

Samsung Galaxy S21

As mentioned, the One UI 3.1 software runs by default on the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The smartphones have been available in the Netherlands since last month and the most important high-end phones from Samsung for 2021. They introduce a new design, faster hardware, improved cameras and an adaptive 120Hz screen.

It is striking that the S21 phones come without a charger. Samsung does this for environmental reasons and because many users choose to use an old charger if they have purchased a new smartphone.

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