this is how you app from your computer

Do you want to send a long WhatsApp message? Do this from your laptop, because typing is a lot better. In this article we explain how to use WhatsApp Web.

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This is how WhatsApp Web works

WhatsApp Web is WhatsApp as you are used to, but via your computer’s browser. You type messages on the keyboard of your desktop or laptop. You can start new chats, respond to ongoing conversations or, for example, start a group conversation.

It doesn’t matter which browser you use. The service works in all known programs such as Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, Safari, Firefox and Edge. How to log in to WhatsApp Web:

  1. Grab your laptop or sit behind your PC;

    And open your favorite browser

  2. Open the official WhatsApp Web website;
  3. Grab your Android smartphone and open WhatsApp;
  4. Tap the three dots at the top right and choose ‘WhatsApp Web’;
  5. Press the plus sign at the top right;

    and scan the QR code from your computer

  6. You are now logged in to the web version of WhatsApp.

    And you can just ‘chat’, from behind your PC or laptop

WhatsApp Web is an extension of the chat app on your smartphone. In short: it doesn’t work when your phone is off. Messages that you send via the app version are therefore visible on the web version, and vice versa. You can also send photos and view Stories of contacts in the browser version. However, soon you should be able to use Web without having to hold your phone.

You can use the web version on as many computers as you want. Once you are logged in, simply navigate to on your computer and all messages will open automatically. Have you used Web on a public computer, such as in the library? Then withdraw the permission after use. You can do this via the WhatsApp Web section in the Android app.

WhatsApp Desktop on your computer

The web version of WhatsApp is not always stable. If you are constantly chatting with others, it might be more sensible to download WhatsApp to your computer. That way, a tab is not continuously open, but you use WhatsApp like any other computer program. This program is called WhatsApp Desktop.

→ Download WhatsApp Desktop for your computer (free)

More tips for WhatsApp

Anyone can send an app, but WhatsApp is packed with functions that may be less well-known. Consider, for example, the dark mode. As soon as you turn it on, the background turns black and the text white: this is better for your eyes. Also check how to set an individual background for each conversation, how to delete a conversation or your entire account, or how to send a video without sound.

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