this is how you get the car app from your phone

Does Android Auto not work properly, or do you prefer to leave the platform on the handbrake for another reason? In this article, we’ll explain how to completely remove the Android Auto app from your smartphone.

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Tip: Remove the Android Auto app from your smartphone

Android Auto is similar to your smartphone’s operating system, but simpler. You use the platform behind the wheel and that is why it should work clearly and not be too distracting. Android Auto is very popular and has many satisfied users, but not everyone is going smoothly.

From problems with WhatsApp, the lack of apps to Android Auto not even getting it to work at all: the laundry list of possible problems is not tender. In this article, we will therefore show you how to completely remove the application from your device. That way, Android Auto does not take up any storage space and you can, for example, try out the system of your car manufacturer.

How to remove Android Auto:

  1. Grab your Android phone and open the Settings app;
  2. Tap ‘Apps & notifications’, or an option similar to it (so that you get to the list of all your installed apps);
  3. Select the Android Auto app and choose ‘Remove’.

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