this is how you manually switch between day and night mode in Android Auto

More and more people are navigating with Android Auto. However, it is annoying that the app automatically switches between day and night mode. In this tip explains Android Planet how to set it manually.

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Android Auto: Switch between day and night mode

Android Auto is officially not yet available here, but will finally finally come to the Netherlands. Many people already use the navigation software for the car. Whether its interface appears light or dark depends on several factors.

For example, it can be managed by the car, in combination with the settings of the car radio or the lights. If the lamps are off, then the light mode is used, if you turn the lamps on, Android Auto switches to dark mode.

It can also be managed by the settings of your smartphone. If you set the system-wide dark mode, Android Auto will take over, so that the interface is always displayed in dark tones. Yet that does not always work well. You can easily set the day or night mode yourself via the steps below.

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This is how you manually set day or night mode in Android Auto:

  1. Download and install Android Auto;

    If your phone runs on Android 10 or Android 11, you can skip this step because Android Auto is already integrated.

  2. Go to ‘Settings’ on your device;
  3. Scroll to ‘Apps and notifications’;
  4. Click on ‘View all apps’;
  5. Scroll to ‘Android Auto’;
  6. Click on ‘Advanced’ at the bottom;
  7. Scroll to ‘Additional settings in the app’;
  8. Click on ‘Version’ several times at the bottom;

    You do this until you are asked to allow development settings.

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