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Flitsmeister is now available as a beta for Android Auto, so that you can also navigate on the dashboard of your car with the app. Read here how to download and install the test version.

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Flitsmeister Android Auto beta

flashmeister android auto

The Dutch navigation app Flitsmeister has been working on an Android Auto app for a while and now you can try a test version. This makes it possible to use the app on the dashboard of your car, provided it supports Android Auto of course. To use the Android Auto version of Flitsmeister, you must first sign up for the beta. You do this by following the steps below.

  1. Make sure you already have the Flitsmeister app on your Android smartphone;

    You can install the app in the Play Store via this link.

  2. Go to this website to sign up as a beta tester;
  3. Enter your first and last name here, indicate that you use Android and enter the email address (your Google account) that is associated with your Android phone.
  4. If you have done this, you will receive an update after a few minutes that adds Android Auto support to Flitsmeiter.

You can then connect your Android phone to your car with a USB cable, or wirelessly via Bluetooth if your car supports this. After this, Flitsmeister works as a fully-fledged Android Auto app, you can navigate and – as you are used to from the application – you will receive warnings for speed cameras, speed cameras and route controls.

It is important to know that the test version of Flitsmeister is not finished yet. The developers will collect all feedback in the coming period and a definitive update will be released later. It is still unclear when this will happen.




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