this is how you surf privately on Android

Visit websites without Google chasing you? Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode makes it possible. That is how it works.

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Turn on Google Chrome incognito mode

The idea behind Google Chrome’s incognito mode is simple. Once you enable this feature, the browser no longer keeps track of which sites you visit. This is ideal for guilty pleasures, or when buying airline tickets, for example. In this way, the price is not increased on the basis of cookies for every visit.

To enable Google Chrome Incognito Mode:

  1. Open the Chrome app on your Android phone or tablet;
  2. Tap the three dots to the right of the address bar;
  3. Choose ‘New Incognito Tab’.
google chrome incognito

Then a new window will open explaining what Chrome Incognito Mode is all about. You can see that private mode is active by the icon to the left of the address bar. The address bar is also dark from now on. You will also see the incognito sign in the background of your keyboard.

Do you want to open another anonymous window like this? Then tap the three dots at the top right of the screen again, and choose ‘New incognito tab’. You can switch between ‘normal’ tabs and private windows. To do this, tap the button to the left of the three dots. This indicates how many tabs are currently open.

You can also delete tabs from this overview mode. To do this, simply swipe the window to the left, or tap the cross in the top right.

About Incognito Mode

Have you turned on Chrome’s incognito mode? Then Google no longer keeps track of your browsing history, cookies and site data. People also forget what you enter on forms, such as when ordering products in a webshop.

That kite does not apply to files you download. These are ‘just’ in the Downloads folder. You can also use bookmarks that you create during incognito sessions later. Furthermore, your activity not hidden from websites you visit, employer, school or internet service provider.

Chrome is by no means the only Google app with an incognito mode. For example, in Google Maps you can navigate without the search company looking over your shoulder. YouTube has also had an incognito mode for some time.

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