This is how you use Android Auto in almost any vehicle (ADV)

Do you have an older car, but do you want to easily navigate, play music or send a message with Android Auto? Then choose a Pioneer infotainment system.

Android Auto in the Netherlands

Android Auto is an operating system that Google has made especially for cars. The operating system has been embedded in Android devices since Android 10. The use is therefore very easy. Simply connect your smartphone to an Android Auto system and you will immediately enjoy all the benefits. Think of navigating with Google Maps, listening to music via Spotify or answering incoming phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

The Android Auto interface is nice and simple, with large letters and limited customization options. As a result, the system distracts as little as possible while you are behind the wheel. Of course, Android Auto is also suitable for the Google Assistant, so that you can fully focus on the traffic. Very safe.

Android Auto simply runs on your smartphone, so you can easily update apps. So you never look at outdated maps. Because you don’t have to go to the dealer, you also save a lot of time and money.

Android Auto with Pioneer

A Pioneer infotainment system with Android Auto support is the easiest way to upgrade your car. Whether your car rolled off the line 5 or 20 years ago, Pioneer allows you to use the latest technology. Almost all makes and models are suitable, regardless of the year of construction. All you need is the space to place a car radio.

You connect your Android smartphone to the system with a USB cable. Then you can use all the functions of Android Auto on Pioneer’s large and crystal clear screens. Also choose smart and safe driving!

Check out Pioneer’s infotainment systems

Android Auto Pioneer

Pioneer SPH-DA250DAB

The Pioneer SPH-DA250DAB is Pioneer’s best-selling infotainment system in the Netherlands. That is of course not for nothing. The beautiful 6.8-inch touchscreen is ideal for Android Auto. You can navigate on it effortlessly and easily play music via Spotify. In addition, this model offers more advanced functions in addition to support for Android Auto. Think of DAB +. This digital radio tuner provides great sound, allowing you to listen to your favorite stations in the highest quality.

Naturally, the Pioneer SPH-DA250DAB has bluetooth. This allows you to make wireless calls or play music while on the road, which of course benefits road safety. In addition, it is possible to connect both a reversing camera and a front-facing lens. This way you always see what is happening around your car.

In addition to Android Auto, Pioneer also supports Apple’s car operating system: CarPlay. This is very useful if your partner has an iPhone, or if you ever buy a smartphone from Apple yourself. You do not have to buy a new player.

pioneer SPH-DA250DAB

Android Auto apps

There are many apps available for Android Auto. Do you want to remain accessible in a safe way? This is possible with WhatsApp, for example, which you can operate completely with the Google Assistant. He reads new messages to you so you can keep your eyes on the road. Do you want to send an answer? You can just talk to the app. The Google Assistant then repeats the text, after which you can fine-tune your message if necessary. Satisfied? Then you give the order to send your message.

The main applications for Android Auto are of course navigation apps. You can also control Google Maps entirely with your voice. For example, ask where the nearest petrol station is and have the route mapped out for you. An alternative to Google Maps is Waze. The big advantage of this app is that you can also use the maps offline. This is useful if you are driving through an area where coverage is poor. You also save data, of course, which can be useful if you have a small bundle.

Google is constantly expanding Android Auto with new features. Well-known apps such as Flitsmeister, TomTom and Sygic may also be added to the operating system in the near future. With the Pioneer SPH-DA250DAB you are certainly ready for the future!

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