this is how you use Google Maps ‘Live description’ during public transport

With Google Maps ‘Live description’ you will receive notifications for your public transport journey. If you have to change trains or have to walk to catch the bus, your smartphone will indicate this. You can read how to use that function in this tip.

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Live description Google Maps: perfect during public transport

With Google Maps you can navigate around the world and that can be done in many ways. Maps can also be used more and more for public transport, and a handy feature is the Live Description function. If you use that, you will see notifications of your trip. This way you know when you actually have to switch to another means of transport and travel updates appear automatically.

To use Live Description, follow the steps below:

  1. Grab your smartphone and open Google Maps;
  2. Enter the location / address you want to navigate to;
  3. Select ‘route’ at the bottom left;
  4. Choose the second navigation option: public transport;
  5. For the favorite route, tap the blue navigation arrow on the right.

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