this is how you use the split screen view of Google Maps

Google Maps now has an improved split-screen mode, making it easier to view Street View images while also seeing where you are on the map. In this tip you can read how the new view works.

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Google Maps split screen display: that’s how it works

The new split screen display makes it much easier to view Google Maps maps and Street View images at the same time, simply because they are both displayed on an equally large screen area. This way you know exactly what your position is on the map, while you check Street View images to explore the area. The function is simple and we explain it in the steps below.

  1. Download and install the latest version of Google Maps on your Android smartphone and open the app;
  2. Enter a search query at the top. For this step-by-step plan we use ‘De Vijverberg in Doetinchem’ as an example;
  3. Then tap the Street View image at the bottom left, after which you will see images in full screen;
  4. Now press the button at the bottom right (with the arrows) to start the split screen display.

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