this is what LG’s first rollable phone looks like

LG has shown its first rollable smartphone. The device can switch between smartphone and tablet format. It is not yet clear when the LG Rollable will be available.

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Teaser: This is what the LG Rollable looks like

LG showed the device at the end of its presentation at the CES, a (digital) fair where all kinds of new electronics are shown. The LG Rollable is a smartphone and tablet in one device. The screen can expand to tablet format, and roll up again so that it fits in your pocket.

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The LG Rollable slides out on the right side when you hold the device in portrait mode. If you tilt the device to landscape mode (horizontal), the display expands at the top. How exactly the mechanism works is still unknown, but given the name of the device it is likely that the LG Rollable is ‘rollable’.

Other experimental Android smartphones work with multiple screens. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold line, for example, features fold-out screens to go from tablet to smartphone size. The disadvantage of this technique is that the device is quite large in the closed position. This drawback is unlikely to apply to LG’s trial balloon.

We do not know when the experimental telephone will be available. However, the manufacturer has indicated that the device will be released “soon”. There are rumors that the device would be released in March 2021. Nothing is yet known about the price tag.

LG is experimenting

The LG Rollable is part of LG Experiment, a division within the company that deals with innovative products. The LG Wing previously appeared under this umbrella. This device has a rotating screen, so you can use it as a gimbal, among other things.

We have tested the experimental smartphone and think it is a promise for the future, although there is enough to criticize. Considering the price, the hardware in particular is below average. Read all about it in our LG Wing review.

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