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The first developer beta of Android 12 has been released. Before normal users can get started with all the new possibilities, many other test versions will appear. You can read what that timeline looks like here.

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Android 12 timeline: all versions in a row

While Android 11 can only be found on a small selection of Android devices, Google has already released the first version of Android 12. This is the so-called Developer Preview 1, a special early version for developers. The timeline leading up to the public release of Android 12 can now also be found on Google’s developer website itself.

Until the version is released for normal users, many trial versions will appear. Android Planet has researched that timeline and put it in a neat way for you.

Android 12 timeline

February 2021 – Developer version 1

The first version of Android 12 has been released and is aimed at developers. With this they can already take the first steps to optimize their apps for Android 12. Manufacturers can also start working on this, for example on their own shell that covers Android and for which adjustments have to be made.

March 2021 – Developer version 2

A second developer version will be released by Google in March. The feedback from the first version will be processed and we will also see new possibilities of Android 12.

April 2021 – Developer version 3

Android 12

The third and final Developer Preview of Android 12 will follow in April. Feedback from the previous rounds has been implemented in this version. By the way, keep in mind that these special versions for developers are not intended to be installed and used by yourself. For example, the software is not yet stable and there are still all kinds of major errors.

May 2021 – Public test version 1

In May 2021, Android 12 will be a lot more interesting for many people, when the first public beta will be released. With this test version, users can easily get started themselves. This way you can already try out new functions that have been implemented in Android “Snow Cone”.

You can install that on the Google Pixel 3 and newer. It will also be possible to use this beta on smartphones from various other manufacturers.

June 2021 and July 2021 – Public Test Versions 2 and 3

In the following two months, two more public test versions of the software will appear. Giving feedback is also very desirable, so that Google can squash bugs, make adjustments or optimize certain functions.

google pixel 5 review

August 2021 – Public test version 4

The last Android 12 beta will be released in August. It is time for the final testing and development of documentation for developers and manufacturers. It also fixes the latest issues, all with the stable version of Android 12 in sight.

September 2021? – Stable version Android 12

The question remains when the stable version of Android 12 will roll out exactly. This of course has to do with how smoothly all the testing goes, whether (major) problems are spotted and how difficult it is to smooth them out again. We keep a close eye on things, but are now betting on September 2021. Also because Android 11 was released in September last year.

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