Turn off Samsung Galaxy S21 ads: this is how you do that

The Samsung Galaxy S21 shows advertisements, but you can turn them off. Android Planet explains how to do this in a simple step-by-step plan. You can also use the step-by-step plan if you have another Samsung device that shows advertisements.

Read on after the ad.

Disable Ads on Samsung Galaxy S21

You may have seen advertisements on your Samsung smartphone. The manufacturer does this consciously, even on expensive models such as the Galaxy S21. With the advertisements the manufacturer earns money or promotes its own services or products. If – rightly – you don’t like the commercials, you can happily turn them off.

Almost all advertisements on Dutch devices come via the Galaxy Store app. Abroad, Samsung also pushes advertisements in many more apps, including the weather app and phone app. That doesn’t seem to happen here (yet?). The step-by-step plan below explains how to stop the advertisements via the Galaxy Store.

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