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Next week, Samsung will unveil its latest top smartphones. However, the phones have already been leaked a lot in the recent period. In this article, we therefore list the most reliable rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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Overview: the main Samsung Galaxy S21 rumors

1. Three gears

According to rumors, the Galaxy S21 series will consist of three devices. The entry-level model, the ‘regular’ Samsung Galaxy S21, is accompanied by the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. The latter is the most extensive (and most expensive) of the bunch. The S21 Plus falls in the middle in terms of price tag and specifications.

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2. Familiar design

Based on leaked advertising photos, Samsung does not seem to change the design. The Galaxy S21 series will probably have an almost full-screen screen with a hole for the selfie camera at the top. It is located exactly in the middle of the display.

New: the camera lenses on the back. According to rumors, Samsung is exchanging the ‘camera island’ of the S20 series for a camera system that reaches to the edge and is more integrated into the housing. Ahead, we dive further into the expected camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

3. Screen takes a step back

In terms of screen size, little seems to change. According to rumors, Samsung gives the successors to the Galaxy S20 series almost the same screen sizes. The S21 would get a 6.2 inch screen, the S21 Plus a 6.7 inch panel and the S21 Ultra takes the cake with 6.8 inches.

However, things are changing in the ‘resolution area’, and that does not work out well for everyone. There is a rumor in the corridors that Samsung wants to give the S21 and S21 Plus a full HD resolution. This would mean a step back compared to the Samsung S20 and Samsung S20 Plus, because these devices have a higher QHD resolution. According to rumors, only the S21 Ultra will get such a high-quality screen.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra specifications

Focus on cameras

It seems that Samsung mainly wants to distinguish the Galaxy S21 series with the cameras. Fanatical photographers should especially keep an eye on the Ultra variant, because this device is going to take the best pictures.

Thanks to leaked advertising photos, we know that this device will get no less than four cameras. The main camera (108 megapixels) is supported by a wide-angle lens (12 megapixels) and two zoom lenses (10 megapixels) to get the image closer. There is also most likely an LED flash and laser autofocus system for less choppy images.

The entry-level model will probably have to do with three lenses: a primary camera (12 megapixels), wide-angle lens (12 megapixels) and zoom lens (64 megapixels). The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, the middle model, would have largely the same camera setup. All in all, 2021 seems to be mainly a gap year for Samsung in the camera area, unless you go for the Ultra variant.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S21 specs

It is almost certain that the Galaxy S21 series is powered by the Exynos 2100. This processor is made by Samsung itself and promises to be incredibly powerful. The working memory is expected to be at least 8GB, but you can also go for a variant with 12GB RAM.

We also count on a storage capacity of 128 or 256GB. Think carefully in advance how much storage you need, because Samsung will probably delete the micro SD card slot. In other words, you cannot expand the storage capacity by inserting an SD card.

6. No charger

Also noteworthy: the lack of the charger. Most likely, Samsung no longer supplies a charging block with the S21 series. At an earlier stage, competitor Apple did the same by releasing the iPhone 12 without an adapter as standard.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 without charger explained

7. Recommended prices and colors

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is probably a bit more competitively priced than its predecessor. The entry-level model is expected to start at 849 euros (899 euros for the model with 256GB storage). The S21 Plus costs 1049/1099 euros and the main price is of course put down for the Ultra model, which is more expensive than its predecessor. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra would start at 1349 euros.

You can probably get the Galaxy S21 in four colors: white, purple, rose gold and gray. It is not yet clear in which variants the S21 Plus will appear. With the S21 Ultra you can probably only choose from two colors: black and silver.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

8. Presentation

On January 14, all rumors will end. At the stroke of 4 p.m. Dutch time, Galaxy Unpacked 2021 will start, the event where the new Samsung smartphones will be unveiled. During the presentation, which can be followed via a live stream, we also expect to see new earplugs.

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