WhatsApp Web without using your phone soon

A way to use WhatsApp Web without a phone is in progress. As a result, you no longer need a smartphone when logging in to the web service. WhatsApp is also working on an option to use Web on multiple devices.

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WhatsApp Web will soon work without a phone

There came WABetaInfo behind. This website regularly dives into new versions of the chat app to discover additions at an early stage. WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is currently working on a test version in which the two new functions have been added.

WhatsApp Web is the web version of WhatsApp that allows you to send messages via a computer. During registration you have to scan a qr code with your phone, after which the internet connection of the connected device will be used. The new addition ensures that this is no longer necessary. Instead, you can use WhatsApp Web without having your phone nearby.

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In addition, it will soon be possible to use the chat service on multiple devices at the same time. According to WABetaInfo can connect up to four devices (such as a smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet) with one WhatsApp account. You can then receive and send messages from all screens.

Unknown release date

The new functions will first roll out to participants in the WhatsApp test program. Once the functions have also been approved in practice, they will be rolled out to all WhatsApp users. It is still unknown when the test version and final version will roll out.

Telegram, a competing chat app, has long had the ability to chat via a computer without a phone. You can also use this app on multiple devices. That slow (er) rollout of new functions at WhatsApp bothered Android Planet editor Colin, who previously wrote an opinion piece about it.

How do you use WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web lets you chat easily and quickly from any desktop or laptop, using a normal keyboard. You currently still need a mobile phone for this. Also check our tip on how to use WhatsApp Web or watch the video below. We explain how to set it up in a few minutes!

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