Which Android smartphone are you most looking forward to in 2021?

With the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 line, 2021 got off to a resounding start in the telephone field. But the other months are also very promising. We are therefore curious: which Android smartphone are you especially looking forward to this year? Cast your vote in our poll.

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Poll: Your favorite Android smartphone in 2021

2020 was a disastrous year, but luckily the world of smartphones provided some distraction. From flagships such as the OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to affordable toppers such as the OnePlus Nord and Samsung Galaxy A51: a lot of great Android smartphones came on the market last year.

It is of course not yet certain what 2021 will look like, but the signs are certainly promising. Market leader Samsung, for example, kicked off the year well by presenting the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra extra early.

Which Android smartphone that will be released in 2021 are you most looking forward to? In the poll below we have listed a few possible contenders for you. We are very curious which phones you are waiting for. Is your intended favorite not listed? Then let us know in the comments which device we should add to the poll.

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Looking forward

Bee Android Planet we are working with new Android smartphones every day. Although most manufacturers still keep their lips tight, we of course know roughly what this year will look like. Earlier, we therefore already made a preview of 2021.

This year, for example, should show how things are going with Huawei. The Chinese company was at odds with the Trump administration, but relations with Biden may be improving. 2021 is also likely to be an important year for Samsung. The company is likely to remain the market leader, but a controversial decision can always throw a spanner in the works.

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