Why the Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn’t have a charger in the box

For the first time, Samsung does not include a charger and earplugs with the Galaxy S21 phones. During the presentation, the company explained why not. We list the arguments.

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Why you don’t get a charger with the Samsung Galaxy S21

Until a few months ago, you received a charger with almost every smartphone. When Apple decided to deliver the iPhone 12 without a charger, Samsung ridiculed that decision in a commercial. Yet the South Korean company is now doing exactly the same with the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

Federico Casalegno, one of Samsung’s top people, had to defend that decision during the presentation of the Galaxy S21. He did this as follows: according to Casalegno, many Galaxy enthusiasts want to make sustainable choices in their lives. They therefore prefer to use their old charger and earplugs a little longer. New copies would often be left unused in the box.

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Samsung also says it wants to contribute to a better environment. Apple uses a similar argument. By not including a charger, smartphone manufacturers emit less CO2. For example, the box of the Galaxy S21 is a lot smaller due to the omission of the charger. So more telephones can be transported in one truck.

Samsung does supply a USB-C cable with the Galaxy S21 models. In addition, the company promises to lower the price of individual chargers.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 can be ordered now

After months of rumors, Samsung finally officially unveiled the Galaxy S21 series yesterday. The devices are a lot faster, have improved cameras and a new design. In our preview of the Samsung Galaxy S21 you can read our first impression of these new top smartphones. Would you like to order one? If you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S21, you will receive Galaxy Buds earbuds and a Galaxy Smart Tag as a gift.

We will publish our full reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series soon. Do you want to be the first to know when these articles are online? Download the Android Planet app and sign up for our newsletter!

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