Win a personalized and unique Gigaset GS4 (ADV)

With some smartphones from the German manufacturer Gigaset it is possible to add an engraving or personalized software. Bee Android Planet you now have a chance to win such an exclusive device, including a self-selected engraved text.

Win an engraved Gigaset GS4

The Gigaset GS4 is the latest addition to the manufacturer and in many ways a beautiful device. You can also make it a lot more unique and personal by having an engraving placed on the glass back. For example, you can choose a (well-known) quote, your name or that of a loved one, your initials or another beautiful message.

You can choose up to 26 characters, making you the only GS4 in the world with that unique message. Obviously, this should not be racist, offensive or sexually grounded text.

On Android Planet now you have a chance to win such personalized device! In addition to the color of the device (white or black), you also choose what message will be engraved on the back. Do you already have an idea for that? Let us know via the Google form (below) in this article. You can participate until January 11th, after which we choose the winner as soon as possible. Who it has become, we will of course announce as soon as possible on Android Planet!

In addition to this unique smartphone, we also give ten Gigaset Keepers away from all participants! For example, you can hang that smart device on your key ring or put one in your bag. You can easily find it via the app on your smartphone, just like your valuables. Lost your phone? Then click twice on the Keeper and your smartphone will emit a sound signal, so that you have it quickly at hand.

Even more unique opportunities for the business market

Gigaset Personalization

Gigaset also has a lot to offer in the business field. In addition to choosing an engraving, for example the name of the company, you also have other options. You can also have the company logo engraved, which is great for recognisability.

You can also think of having the color and type of coating of the housing adjusted. This makes a Gigaset smartphone the ultimate match for the company where you work. There are also all kinds of options in terms of software when you place a business order. Choose a wallpaper yourself, have certain ringtones set or choose which handy apps are already pre-installed.

Finally, the personal service is also of paramount importance to this German manufacturer. For example, smartphones can be personalized in small quantities. Do you need accessories? You can also contact Gigaset for this. This way you immediately order a complete set for each employee.

Everything about the Gigaset GS4 at a glance

The Gigaset GS4 is available in two beautiful colors: Deep Black and Pure White. Both variants feature copper-colored accents and a fresh and contemporary design. For example, the three cameras on the back do not protrude. The device also has facial recognition and has room for two SIM cards and a micro-SD memory card.

Gigaset Personalization

You can take photos with the main camera of 16 megapixels or at a wider angle with the wide-angle lens. You can also get started making close-ups, thanks to the special macro lens. Finally, you take selfies in a resolution of 13 megapixels, so that every detail is razor-sharp in the photo.

German quality from our own factory

Gigaset is based in Germany and develops and produces smartphones in its own factory in Bocholt. The quality of the device is therefore of the highest level and has the ‘Made in Germany’ stamp. The battery is also of a high standard, because it has a size of 4300 mAh. This way you can easily get through an intensive day and charging is a piece of cake. Via a cable that goes nice and fast with a maximum of 18 Watt. In addition, wireless charging is possible, so you will never need a cable again.

Under the glass back is a modern processor from MediaTek and a large amount of RAM. In addition, the manufacturer supplies the GS4 with a clean version of Android 10, without all kinds of unnecessary software. This way you can immediately start installing apps, playing games and watching movies. For this you use the large 6.3-inch screen, which contains a small water drop notch. Due to the relatively narrow screen edges and high resolution, watching a movie or checking a website is a real pleasure.

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