Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T now on sale in the Netherlands for 269 euros

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T, one of the cheapest 5G smartphones at the moment, is now available in the Netherlands. The smartphone costs 269 euros and for that you get smooth hardware, a large battery and more.

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Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T in the Netherlands

Xiaomi announced the Redmi Note 9T earlier this month and the smartphone is now widely available in the Netherlands. With a suggested retail price of 269 euros, the Note 9T is one of the most affordable 5G devices at the moment. Because he can handle the new mobile network, which is slowly being rolled out more widely in the Netherlands, he is ready for the future.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T

Which Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T do you want?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T with subscription

Device once € 0.00

€ 16.00 p / m Abo: € 8.00 p / m Device: € 8.00 p / m

Need a SIM only?

In the price comparator of Android PlaneYou won’t discover the best deals for a separate Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T, but you can also get the Redmi Note 9T with a subscription. The phone has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space as standard. It is available in two colors: purple and black.

Under the hood of the Xiaomi smartphone is a new Dimensity 800U processor from MediaTek. Also present is a triple camera on the back, with a 48 megapixel main camera, 2 megapixel macro lens and 2 megapixel depth sensor. The 13 megapixel selfie camera sits in a small hole in the screen. Finally, the Redmi Note 9T is equipped with a large 5000 mAh battery and a 6.53 inch screen (2340 by 1080 pixels).

Check out the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T review

If you want to know more about the affordable 5G smartphone, check the Redmi Note 9T review from Android Planet. Here we tell you everything about the device and what the important plus and minus points are. You can read the conclusion below.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T is a decent smartphone that delivers excellent performance for its price range, but does not really excel at anything. According to Xiaomi, that is of course the support for 5G at a low price, and that is indeed a nice combination. However, it is difficult to recommend a 5G device, while the real benefits of the mobile network are yet to materialize.

However, do you use a smartphone for years and do you also want to use 5G in the future? Then you can certainly consider the Note 9T. Keep in mind that software support is a tricky issue, and in combination with years of use, that is not the best prospect either.

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