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Android Auto is extremely useful and is becoming more and more famous: just connect your device to the infotainment system of your car via a cable, and just navigate. However, a wireless variant is also available. We tell you how to use the so-called Android Auto Wireless.

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What is Android Auto?

Android Auto lets you use the entertainment system in your car via your phone. This way you can easily and safely navigate, play music or have a conversation. This functionality is still not officially available in the Netherlands, but it is easy to download and install via a detour.

That is no longer necessary if you have a smartphone that runs on Android 10 or Android 11, because this functionality is built in there. How long this option of installing separately will continue to work, however, is the question.

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How do you use Android Auto Wireless?

The majority of people use Android Auto with a cable that connects a smartphone and the infotainment system. The system recognizes this and automatically shoots in the correct mode. It is also possible to arrange all this via a wireless connection. Android Auto Wireless does have some snags, however.

1. Wifi in the car

For example, you need a WiFi connection in the car, because bluetooth is not sufficient for the large flow of data. Many modern cars already offer the possibility to set up such a connection, but you are not there yet.

2. Correct infotainment system

The car’s infotainment system must also be able to handle Android Auto Wireless. That is a point of great uncertainty. Even the Google website about Android Auto does not always clearly indicate which systems are fully functional with this.

The chance that the standard system of your car can handle the Wireless variant is extremely small. If you still want to use this, check carefully whether this function is available when purchasing a new car or infotainment system.

3. Compatible device

In addition, not every Android device works with Android Auto Wireless. Previously, it was only possible to use Android Auto Wireless with the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or a Pixel smartphone running Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher.

This also works for some Samsung devices that run on Android 9.0 (Pie). This concerns the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, S10 and S10 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 9 and 10 also work wirelessly with Android Auto.

Is your device already running on Android 11? Then you’re in luck, because your device is already ready for the wireless version of Android Auto. Which type of smartphone you have does not matter anymore, but you should of course pay attention to the other points above.

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If you meet these three points, follow the step-by-step plan below to use Android Auto wirelessly.

  1. Connect your smartphone to the infotainment system with a USB cable;
  2. Follow the instructions of the system and go through the set-up;
  3. Remove the USB cable.

The connection with Android Auto is now set up wirelessly and works – if all goes well – immediately. From now on, the wireless connection is also active every time you open the car. So if you want to use a wireless connection between your device and the system of your car, check in advance whether everything works together.

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