YouTube now lets you watch 4K videos on any Android smartphone

YouTube is full of sharp 4K content, but until recently you couldn’t watch it in the maximum resolution from your smartphone. That is now changing for YouTube’s Android app, regardless of the screen resolution of your smartphone.

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Low screen resolutions

Most smartphones have a screen resolution between 720p and 1440p. That resolution does not have to be much higher, because the displays are relatively small. The smaller a screen, the closer the pixels are to each other. A smartphone screen with a lower resolution therefore still looks quite clear.

YouTube for Android already supported videos with a resolution of 1440p, but only on displays with the same high resolution.

4K resolution on YouTube for Android

On smartphones with a lower resolution, these videos could only be played in a lower resolution. Google is now changing this. YouTube for Android now also supports 4K videos. And the great thing is: your phone doesn’t need a 4K screen to use this feature. Every Android smartphone can now play 4K content in the YouTube app.

Does 4K on a low resolution screen make a difference?

Suppose you have a smartphone with a 1080p display, but you watch 4K content in the YouTube app. The screen resolution does not suddenly increase because of this – practically speaking, you still watch the video in 1080p – but the images can just as well look sharper.

Text and fine details in the video will be clearer and the images will look less compressed. As long as your phone’s processor and internet connection can handle it, it always pays to set the video resolution as high as possible. Read this article for more useful tips to make YouTube watching more enjoyable.

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